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A lot of historical artifacts have been found by explorers and archaeologists all over the world. There are so many mysterious and paranormal findings that puzzle both scientists and regular people. It is not surprising that every year a huge mass of tourists visit these spots to see the sights with their own eyes.

The number of people visiting these sites are increasing day by day. Actually, once ancient artifacts are discovered in a certain place, this attracts crowds of tourists from near and far and soon the place turns into a major tourist destination. Today travel has become a common thing in every person's life. Everyone in this world has traveled at least once in their lives. Although there is a wide choice of tourist destinations worth a visit, you cannot miss the spots where historical artifacts can be seen, and we are pleased to suggest some of the places you may wish to consider for your next travel, and help you plan an adventure full of joy and excitement for your next holiday.

Actually it is not so easy to make your choice. There are so many amazing and mysterious artifacts that crowds of tourists visit each year, to see amazing sculptures, palaces, castles and fortresses, pyramids... Wouldn't you just love to see something impressive that you have never seen before? Once you see and touch them, you will immediately feel that there is something paranormal behind each of the artifacts.

Egypt is the number one choice. Really, it has so much to offer and you will keep feeling a paranormal presence during all your stay there. The civilization in that part of the world is more than three thousand years old. The mummy concept is from Egypt itself. There is a number of tourist attractions and historical artifacts for a traveler to view there. The main and most well-known Egyptian attraction is from the tomb of Tut. It was the only Egyptian pyramid that was found intact when discovered, along with many artifacts found in that pyramid. As you may know, a pyramid is the resting place for the Kings and Queens of Egypt. It is their burying tomb. This can also be considered to be as a grave.

Another exciting place for you to visit is Machu Picchu. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you are keen on history and artifacts from the far, far past, this place is the right choice for you. Ancient civilization like the Incas occupied that land. 95% Inca people lived within the Andres Mountain. There are approximately 4000 unique artifacts made of stone like figures, sculptures and architectural landmarks in Machu Picchu. It is still a mystery how the people could move the rocks as the pieces were so huge.

If you reside in Europe and do not want to go too far, one more place you could wish to visit on your next holidays is Germany. The country also has a lot of sights related to history from the far and near past. It was the key rival against the Soviet, British and American forces in the Second World War. The Heidelberg Castle is one of the prime places to visit when you are in Germany. It brings back memories related to the royal family of Germany. While in Germany, you can see an old castle or fortress nearly in each town and some of them are said to have ghosts and many reported paranormal activities. It is no doubt that you would have one of the most exciting experiences in your life by visiting these mystic places full with artifacts.



Egypt attracts so many tourists due to the worldwide known artifacts found in the pyramids, such as the golden death mask of king Tut, Sphinx, figure of Tutankhamen in the black coffin, the alabaster perfume vase, The Crux Ansata or Ankh (Symbol of Life), wooden sarcophagi, foreleg picture drawing in the wall, the falcon - the symbol of Egyptian royalty. // FULL ARTICLE



The word "artifact" comes from the Latin phrase art factum. Artifacts enable us to learn a lot about the past but sometimes they puzzle even prominent scientists. The most puzzling ancient artifacts are: Piri Reis Map, Matchell-Hedges skull, Voynick manuscript, Kingoodie Hammer, Baghdad Battery, Fuente Magna, The Coso Artifact, The Dropa Stones, Tecawic Calixtlahuaca, Saqqara Bird // FULL ARTICLE



Today paranormal tours become popular among tourists spoilt with choices and those who are looking for a special travel experience. Travel companies offer a variety of paranormal tours such as a ghost tour of Ferry Plantation, Owl Prowl, night walk and many, many more. The aim is to show you some artifacts and phenomena that cannot be explained in scientific terms. If you are brave enough, you can have your private paranormal tour just for you alone, or along with some friends. // FULL ARTICLE

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